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Team Work

Fyneed Technology Solutions emerged out of a need to create a collaborative team to deal with the changing need of the digital market. When most technology solutions in the market don’t combine business understanding, we embed high technology solutions with deep market insights.

Our technology team has software scientists, web-designers, programmers, SEO and social media experts. Our business team has market, strategy, policy and media experts.


Our Experience


We are a dynamic team of experts on web technologies. We take up work on the entire life cycle of online business starting from ideation and web development to SEO and business development to customer satisfaction.

In past we have delivered quality work in tight deadlines. Our digital services and consultancy have positively changed the fortune of our clients.

Our VisionOur Mission

Everyone has a story to tell, tales to inspire and ability to transform society and market.

We want to emerge as the leading facilitator in sharing your story to inspire and transform.


We strongly believe that the web world is a transformative platform for business and public relations.

We want to create entrepreneurs out of all those who are web-connected and introduce the web to those uninitiated.

Meet Our Team

Manas Ranjan

Project Manager

Understanding marketing strategies, people & their inter relationship is goal of our business standard. We create business value through latest technologies and creativity to explore the world.

Tufan Chand

.NET Developer

According to me Developers are back bone of IT Industry. Without a experienced and creative coder an Organization can not complete. Fyneed gives me that oppertunity to explore my talent and creativity.

Kanhu Nahak

Full Stack Developer

A developer knows coding, which is not enough to a run a business efficiently. So being a full stack developer i am very much experienced and confident to handle any types of IT solutions.

Chandan Rout

JAVA Developer

Being a Fyneedian its always a great time to be part of the technical team, already in a place to build world class solutions for complex problems.Security and cross platform is our priority to provide high quality business value.

Trupti Behera

UI/UX Developer

The first look in which people decide to check any website or not. I used to push my creativity in to my work to get the attention of user and making eye-catching.

Ashutosh Mohanta

UI/UX Developer

I used to push my creativity in to my work to get the first attention of user and making eye-catching design,the first look in which people decide to check any website or not.

Ankit Anand

Lead Generation Executive

Getting lead and converting them them into a client is not a easy job to do. Fyneed team used to arrange live session on those topics to up-to-date with latest technology.

Srujana Puppala

Content Writter

We create unique and original content with quality,pick essential and enchanting subjects that helps you in your business Development to attract the customers. Google love new and creative content.

Anjana Pradhan


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process of optimizing a website for which it performs well in organic search. Ranking highly for keywords increases the visibility,rank of a website and leads to a higher number of traffic to the website.

Tapas Pradhan


Creating a wide range of different marketing materials. Working closely with design agencies and assisting with new product lunches. We are creator of your dreams.